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Lunch Buffet

New in Habibi - Now you can find buffet from Habibi even during the weekends

Yeah! You can have lunch every day of the week. Lunch buffet monday - friday from 11am to 3pm and saturdays & sundays from 1pm to 7pm.


Veggie-favouring lunch buffet is even more inclusive

Vegetarians are warmly welcome to have a lunch, since now they have even more options to choose from.

Updated A'la Carte List

Updated A´la Carte Menu

We have updated our menu. We hope you like it.

Renovated a bit

Updated furnishings

Only for you guys, just to make sure you enjoy your stay with us.

Quality time

People like to gather at Habibi with bigger groups

Unfortunately, you can't get wine from us. If you think you can handle that, we quarantee that will not be your last visit.

Views from around the way. More coming soon.